Pro wildlife and environment
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or Love

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 60 x 80 cm | 24" x 32" Acrylic paint on stretched canvas
(framed - golden wood frame)

To be sure, wildlife is far more at risk than our domesticated pets.
But that doesn´t mean dogs and cats won´t suffer. It´s inevitable
that any progressive and potentially dramatic destabilization in the
already-disorderly nature of the weather is bound to exert it´s
influence on the health of our entire planet - pets included.
The direct effects of heat can be staggering, disease-causing
parasites, pathogens, and the animals that carry them are also on
the move, and high-impact natural disasters like floods, storms and
droughts have a disproportionate impact on animal health.
Climate change means also the reason for human migration -
unfortunately do we all recognise, when humans move, many
animals are left behind - so as cats.


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