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Look Deeper

€ 475,00

 60 x 60 cm | 24" x 24" Acrylic paint on
 stretched canvas - with Mexican stamp
 (framed - painted wooden frame)

Lobsters can be found in all of the world´s oceans, as well as
brackish environments and even freshwater.
According to the University of Maine Lobster Institute, the blue
lobster´s colour is caused by an abundance of a particular
protein from a genetic defect. While the blue lobster is found
2 in 1 million, the rarest lobster is the white or albino lobster,
which occurs in only 1 in 100 million lobsters.

Populations of commercially important lobster species are
thought to be declining, and overfishing, particularly of clawed
lobsters in Europe, is taking a toll. Additionally, pollution is
causing shell rot and other illnesses in normally disease-resistant


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