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 100 x 70 cm | 40" x 28" Acrylic paint on stretched
 xl-studio canvas

Flamingos gather in saline and semisaline lakes. They arrive with two main
items on their agenda: to consume blue-green algae and to breed.
The presence of volcanic minerals in the lakes creates the right kind of
salinity for blue-green algae to bloom and nourish the leggy birds, and
it´s the red-orange pigment hidden in the algae that infuses their feathers
with pink.

But this seemingly ideal setting is being distrupted, and lesser flamingo
populations have been decreasing. Human activities, in the forms of
wastewater pollution, mining, and inappropriate types of agriculture, threaten
the health of the lakes. Excessive freshwater flowing into the lakes can
make the algea disappear, and high nutrient levels can lead to excess
algae bloom, which removes oxygen from the lakes.


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