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Artist Statement:
"My paintings are reflections of nature and modernity, reflections of my feelings and movements. I want to express the beauty of the environment and awarness of progress. Art is my way of life and a bloodless fight of thoughts and visions. I paint with my soul. I use my bare hands, brushes and various environmentally friendly materials like different types of sand, wood chips and feathers.
A painting is communication between creator and viewer. I show joy, feelings and thoughts of life. Art is not only a passion, but also a way of life."

"Art is not only a passion,
but also a way of life."

Katharina. May

My name is Katharina May and I was born in Germany.
I spent every part of my life in art. I use self-taught methods and techniques for my paintings.
 The opportunity to travel around the world
 and living in different places gave me the chance to develop and refine my style.

I was born in Germany,
  traveled through Central Africa and moved to the U.S.A. where I lived in California, Nevada, Arizona and Montana.
As a result my art has been influenced by these adventures and experiences.
My main subject is the environment. I want to show the beauty of this world, but also the problems we all face. We canīt close our eyes any longer! We need to help when we realize help is needed. Do it with small things or even bigger if you can. We have to stop deforestation, poaching, animal torture and human abuse! ...and that is just the small list of what is going on. I want to give a little message, not just a beautiful painting.  I want to show you a picture where you can make your own opinion and take a bit of my mind. I feel inspired by what I see, whether big or small.

I want to make people happy with my art and I want to draw attention to our modern problems. I have art in my blood and I want to bring a little bit more color and imagination into every home.

... and I did already with my paintings!

I also studied photography and like to capture remarkable moments on film. Currently I am living in Germany and working on different art projects.

I am also teaching my daughter how to treat animals and keep our nature clean. It is important for me to give her the right education and show respect for others.